#JournalismSoWhite, the sequel on Oct. 25

I’ll be on a panel on the journalism profession’s lack of diversity on Oct. 25 at Town Hall in Seattle. I’m joining local journalists including Reagan Jackson, Tyrone Beason, Monica Guzman and Andrew Simon, along with moderator Enrique Cerna to discuss the role that journalists and the media play (or should play) in developing a collective sense of awareness and civic duty about social and racial justice.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at Town Hall.

I get around

I should really promote myself more often. Here are some things I’ve done recently:

I was one of the panelists on the lack of diversity in Seattle media. The event was called (appropriately) #JournalismSoWhite. SPJ wrote a summary.

Also, I recently had the honor of being one of 18 journalists from around the country who were chosen for this year’s Institute for Justice and Journalism’s Fellowship on Immigrant Children and Education. Got some great story ideas, met some potential national sources and solidified my own proposal for the fellowship.

And… finally, a major site update

It’s about time. I’ve updated my site to shed my old 2010-looking theme — which looked great in 2013 —  and adopted WordPress’ Sidespied theme, which is made for portfolios.

I’m so glad I can get rid of some of the duplicate pages — and the chore of updating a blog and a regular page at the same time. I’ve also shed the unnecessary blog that I cheated with to keep a “portfolio” on my front page.

So now I can save this blog for my infrequent updates.

Interesting advice from top editors

I wanted to highlight this post by Digiday regarding advice for young journos from top editors.

A lot of it is great advice. My favorite one is from Scott Stossel of The Atlantic, and is one I should heed myself. I do find it troubling that the writer could not find one woman to quote for his article. It also would have been useful to have mug shots of the editors. But, that’s just this editor — not a “top editor” — giving her own unsolicited advice.